"A dimepiece is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag. She is a self-governing revolutionary who embodies all that is sexy. She proclaims her opinion and attitude through her adventurous dress. She is educated by the books as well as the streets. Be a go-getter, a kitten with claws, a fashion aficionado, and a memorable individual who is essentially the perfect ten."

Nikki Pilapil. 21. Southern California.

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He is so beautiful.

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Add this to the bucket list or one of the events we’d like to experience before we die. To celebrate the arrival of spring and the passing of winter, an exciting festival takes place in India called Holi or The Festival of Colors. Each year, always the day after the full moon in March, Holi is celebrated by Hindus throughout India, especially in villages across the north. While people celebrate by singing and dancing, which is symbolic of the victory of good over evil, you’re probably already familiar with Holi because of its most signature ritual - the throwing of colored powder.

The largest Festival of Colors in the United States takes place in Spanish Fork, Utah at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple. Over two days in 2012, an estimated 80,000 people attended Utah’s Holi. This year the celebration was held on March 30 and March 31. Every two hours, revelers got to experience countdowns and color throws or where bags of brightly colored corn starch filled the air by those gathered on the temple’s grounds. Said Corrina Manandhar, who attended the event for the second time in 2013, to The Daily Herald, “I am a fan of the religion and I also love this festival. My favorite part is when everyone throws the colors all at once.”

Taken over the past few years, here are some of our favorite photos of color throws from Utah’s festive event. Make sure to watch the video, below, to feel the excitement surrounding the countdowns.

This is amazing. 

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A dream come true :) 12/24/12 12:19 am 

A dream come true :) 
12/24/12 12:19 am 


He’s one of a kind. Short, yet a powerful message.

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